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Zoom Training Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Connie Brunt CT Mac
For anyone with a UA Zoom account, you should be sure to sign into your account at least a couple of times over the next month to avoid it being deactivated. The UA does that without any notice for accounts they think are inactive.
Bette Packer
If I still don’t have a cat card, will I be able to host? Applied in mid-Nov.
Connie Brunt CT Mac
You can always use ZST’s Help Desk for help with any issues. Send an email to Lesley Bailey at lrb2438@gmail.com. She will assist you or refer you to another ZST member who can best address your issue.
Lesley Bailey CT Mac
Bette—if you haven’t already, please check with the office to see if you have yet been given a UA Net ID. Their number is 520-626-9039.
Laura Couchman CT Mac
see, isn’t this distracting?
Dennis M CT Mac
I have found it is better to have videos downloaded. That way you only need bandwidth to send it out instead of trying to bring it in and send it out simultaneously. I use Airy to download videos from YouTube. You may also run a video in your personal room and record the meeting to your computer. That will then download as an MP4 on your computer.
Dennis M CT Mac
The One Drive on your UA account can also be used to share large files.
Isabel A PC
Are the handouts on the OLLI website?
Connie Brunt CT Mac
For Tech Hosts, it is critical that you FIRST sign into your UA Zoom account before clicking on the class link or trying to Join in any way. Otherwise, you will not be “recognized” as an alternative host and be given Host/Co-Host privileges.
Connie Brunt CT Mac
Mute All is available to both Hosts & Co-Hosts.
Tammy Powledge iPad
saving chat not possible on iPad?
laurel pollard
To all meeting leaders: You’ve brought me from daunted to confident. Friendly, professional, well prepared, and complete. I am impressed and grateful.
Connie Brunt CT Mac
Thank you, Laurel.
Connie Brunt CT Mac
I also used Spotlight in Rob Getlan’s Instapot cooking class, so that class members could see what he was doing.
Kelvin Kent
Thanks a lot. Most useful
Bob Kiser ( PC, TH)
Spotlight helps too if you need to make SGL when showing book for instance so all can see larger image temporarily
Lesley Bailey CT Mac
You don’t have to use your UA Zoom account just to participate in classes—only for tech hosting.
Connie Brunt CT Mac
speedtest.net to check your upload and download speeds.
Nancy Sohn CT Mac
I always use 30 minutes and it works.
Laurel Dambrosio CT Mac
Thank you Zoom team.
Dennis M CT Mac
Thank you guys! Impressive preparation and presentation!
Nancy Beck
Great job team.😊
Beth Lee , CT PC
Thanks ZST . Very organized and focused session today
Isabel A PC
You guys are SO amazing! I hope all this learning will stay with us for future use of Zoom (after Covid…) such possibilities!
Edlynne Mina Sillman CT MAC
Really wonderful presentation. Thanks ZST. Happy Holidays
Karen Ericson
Great session, as usual!
Lesley Bailey CT Mac
Extremely impressive training—thanks for all your work, Connie, Laura and Loring!
Betty Casties CT Mac
Great class! Thank you.
Ann Tai
Thanks to ZST. You make OLLIUA rock!
Edlynne Mina Sillman CT MAC
My Mac is 5 years old and I get NONE
Connie Brunt CT Mac
Even with a relatively new one, it does not always work really well for everyone. Test it and see if you like it.