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Diversity Speaker Presentation - Dr. Laura Chavez-Moreno - Shared screen with speaker view
Raul Gonzalez
Those on Zoom, feel free to chime in via chat
Raul Gonzalez
and I will read out the responses
Darlene Lopez
Federal grants often don't give a choice about race and ethnicity. However we often would prefer to give our students the option to self identify differently. Do you have a recommendation about meeting both the individual needs of the students and the grant reporting requirements?
Eric Bybee
Wonderful presentation! I would like to hear how Dr. Chavez-Moreno deals with the history of whiteness as it relates to Latinxs. Specifically, how Latinx individuals have been defined inside and outside of whiteness in court decisions, the census, etc. Gracias!
Darlene Lopez
Thank you. I didn't really think there was anything else. But we give them the option to decline to respond when we can.
Darlene Lopez
Thank you. I have to leave for another meeting, but this was a great discussion.
Eric Bybee
Wonderful response. Thank you!
Eric Bybee
Another follow-up if no one has another question.
Moira Ozias
Thank you, Dr. Chavez-Moreno! In your chapter you mention that this framework “would also help analyze linguicism, racism, colonialism, and imperialism relationally to other racial groups (i.e., Asian, Black, Indigenous, Middle Eastern/North African, White).” Can you say more about how the framework might help with relational analyses of race (and maybe relational/intersectional resistance)?
Eric Bybee
Actually, never mind. I will make space for other folks. Thanks for the great presentation!
Raul Gonzalez
Replying to "Actually, never mind..."Thank you, Eric.
Moira Ozias
Would also love to hear your follow-up question, Eric!
Raul Gonzalez
Replying to "Would also love to h..."Moira, feel free to chime in via audio if you’d like to clarify
Moira Ozias
Replying to "Would also love to h..."Thank you!
Anaiz De Jesus Acosta
Thank you.