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Morris K. Udall Centennial Celebration - Speaker view
Donna P Sloan
Molli Bryson
Feel free to use the Q&A function to submit any questions you have for the panelists. We will get to as many questions as we can, time permitting, but can share the questions with panelists afterward and share the answers as available on our webpage (https://udallcenter.arizona.edu/morris-k-udall-centennial-celebration)
Cathy Wilson
Could Mr. Ducheneaux expound on the Phoenix Indian legislative recommendation he made during the 96th Congress Please? The one of the few Mo Udall did not support.
Tom Udall
Could the panel discuss the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and Mo’s approach. The Supreme Court had already ruled Tribes had the sovereign right to game on their land
Tom Udall
And Nations. Why was the law needed? Who was opposed to Tribes gaming? Cheers Tom Udall
Tom Udall
Did Tribes uniformly support IGRA? Cheers tom udall
Molli Bryson
Please feel free to continue sending your questions, and we will send them along to our panelists and post the answers on our website. Thank you!