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Wilson Colloquium - Shared screen with speaker view
John W. W. Powell
Yes, giving back to the community can be the language work.
Robert Henderson
That is absolutely the case, John. It totally depends on the context. In my experience working in Guatemala, each community had a Communidad Lingüística staffed with technical staff. In teaming up with them to develop projects, very often they themselves want to do language work
Robert Henderson
Like, the first year of our project, we were explicitly asked for essentially an intro course in phonetics and a workshop on how to use Praat. They wanted phonetics 101 because multiple members of the Comunidad hadn’t ever studied acoustic and articulatory phonetics
John W. W. Powell
That’s neat. Yeah, Jon Geary organized a phonetics/phonology/praat workshop a couple years back at Salt River. It was partially driven by some discussions surrounding orthography, both for Piipaash and Akimel O’odham.
Mike Hammond
q about community
Kelsey Neely
Thanks, Wilson!!
Jeremy Johns
Thanks so much, Wilson! Good to see everyone!