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Steward Observatory n305's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Samuel E Gralla
I have a question.
Rachael Amaro
Very helpful answer, thank you!
Alejandro Cardenas Avendano
Could you please comment on how these results compare to the ones performed using X-ray data, also on SMBHs?
Samuel E Gralla
Comment regarding the disagreement between Dimitrios and myself: The table showing the prior assumptions about jet power etc is indeed in paper V as Dimitrios said. However, it is referred to in paper VI ("At this point we also include the ancillary priors on jet power, X-ray luminosity, and emission efficiency described in Paper V (see their Table 2)"). You will see all the astrophysical assumptions that go into deriving the claimed scaling relation between mass and ring diameter (equivalent to the mass measurement). I look forward to seeing these new arguments about ring width that Dimitrios mentions today.