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AZBSN COVID-19 Task Force (Please note Zoom Password) - Shared screen with speaker view
Lea Marquez Peterson
Interested in submitting information to the Arizona Universal Service Fund docket at the AzCorporation Commission? Email me at lmarquezpeterson@azcc.gov.
Jeff Sobotka
Melissa - Cindy, I am a big fan of the Tulsa Responds program that utilizes Navigators to help low income families sign up for white labeled service from Cox & AT&T. They have attacked the real issues holding back digital equity in urban markets credit & technical understanding. Tulsa Responds has signed up 22,000 families in Tulsa this school year. https://www.tulsaresponds.org/
Sophia sophia.mayberry@azed.gov
Melissa and Cindy ADE also thinks the tulsa program is cool feel free to keep connected with us as well!
Melissa Boydston
@ Jeff - thank you! Will take a look!
Melissa Boydston
@Sophia, yes! Will do!
Cindy Hogan - United Way Tucson and Southern Arizona
Yes,Tulsa is a great case study! Thanks for the url!
Tracey Beal
Love what Tulsa Responds is doing.
Marni Anbar
Who are the ‘Navigators’ in the Tulsa program - Cox volunteers? community volunteers?
Jeff Sobotka
Bilingual Navigators are the key. Stephanie Parra from PUSD proposed a similar idea when we last spoke. I'd love to pull a group together on this and see what federal grants we can pull down for Digital Equity. A little bit outside of my scope but a very important issue in our urban areas.
Sophia sophia.mayberry@azed.gov
I have also been hearing from our leaders on tribal lands that navigators are greatly needed.
Cindy Hogan - United Way Tucson and Southern Arizona
Yes, definitely bi-lingual navigators.
Cindy Hogan - United Way Tucson and Southern Arizona
I have discovered a number of different approaches to navigation across the country:
Jeff Sobotka
Navigators are the key to adoption. We take for granted our basic understanding of technology that many people just do not have.
Mauricio Orozco
Cover Arizona has a statewide network of Navigators. They speak different languages and assisting community members apply for AHCCCS and SNAP benefits, they also share community resources. http://coveraz.org/navigators-and-assisters/
Tracey Beal
Seems like this is another area to discover all of the resources available and see how to align and take advantage of these.
Cindy Hogan - United Way Tucson and Southern Arizona
EdNavigator, Tech Goes Home, NDIA, https://www.digitalequity.us/initiatives/vista/
Jeff Sobotka
Navigators in Tulsa are paid contractors paid by Tulsa Responds with CARES Act funding.
Tracey Beal
Love that Jeff!
Cindy Hogan - United Way Tucson and Southern Arizona
Yes, assistors have been available for public services, for the ACA, digital is the next frontier.
Paul Ross
Herding cats greatest superbowl IT commercial, but a good depiction of all the efforts being developed and deployed.
Mauricio Orozco
Other Statewide networks worth considering. First Things First and Head Start
Cindy Hogan - United Way Tucson and Southern Arizona
For sure, Jeff!
Cindy Hogan - United Way Tucson and Southern Arizona
For sure, Paul, I meant!